Hello, how are you.? I hope those who are reading this are fine. Anyway, please don’t think that I’m a uploader or a translator. I made this blog just for fun, and kinda want someone to know anime and manga better than before. That’s what I’m thinking, I suppose… well, I know you also love anime and manga. And they all are same, have no difference. But, for me, it’s very different for each other. I feel can tell it because I have been watching and reading anime & manga for 10 years or so. When.? well, when I was around 6 years, and now I am.

Still right making this blog to let those who love anime & manga know. If I can, I would like to have chat with those man. Includes otaku.? well, why not.? LOL :):D

In other words, this blog is just consists of information of anime & manga. And I’m afraid to upload the file because I kinda have a respect for the copyright (?) I know I shouldn’t be like this when it’s about anime & manga. I know that I should have uploaded the file. But the problem is…. I don’t know how to do it…. Add the link on this blog just wouldn’t be the problem. That’s what I’m thinking right now and telling to you all. But…. I still lack experience. So I just leave this blog as it is. LOL

But just wait, I will try to develop this blog more and more. And become so interesting. well, who knows.

And now, this is the list of the question that you may want to ask me.

1. What is Bwin.? Who is it.?

Bwin is just merely my pen name. It has no meaning in it. And may I tell you.? remember the soccer team named Real Madrid.? yeah it is, on the shirt, you will find “bwin” on its. And it’s my idea to use it, (I’m afraid if I am allowed to use the name lol)

2. Are you planning to uploading anime & manga afterwards.?

The simple answer is NO. I don’t upload any things, I am just spreading information of anime & manga. So all of you can know what you don’t know. But if you know the anime & manga, it’s your bussiness. Plus, I have explained this before, but I will tell you again that I don’t know how to upload. If I can upload, I will change the answer from “NO” to “YES”. :p

3. What kind of language will you use to describe or explain or tell the information.?

It’s Indonesia and english. All information are in Indonesia and english. Because I want my country to know anime & manga (if I can lol). And too lazy to use english to tell the information, but I can translate english to indonesia and indonesia to english though. Anyway, I don’t mind to use english to tell information so I will do my best to make you understand it well.

4. But you are using indonesia.?

I’m sorry because I was going to use indonesia all completely, but I’ve changed my mind since it’s my chance to improve my english. The reason for me to use Indonesia is that knowing that my country still improving their network, so I use indonesia to tell them about the hobby through the network. It feels almost like a dream which is impossible to be true. But what else I can do.? So.. I guess it’s better for me to just use english after all… T_T

5.  Can you tell me your real name.?

I can’t. Even the name of my address isn’t my real name. I bet you are thinking that I have three names or so. Yeah it is, but you are wrong. I only have one name, no more no less. The three names is just merely pen name. LoL

6. How often do you update the information.?

Up to my schedule. If I have a chance, I will use it to update the information. As much as I can do for now.

7. Finally, what’s your favorite manga & anime if you really love it. And which do you like, anime or manga.?

My favorite is so many. Too many that I can’t tell one by one. And I love both, not one of it. Yet I have an idea to tell it to you. It’s through this blog, of course. Let me tell you, all the anime & manga that I have put in this blog are my favorites and still improving or increasing. Or you can call it as “the list of Bwin’s favorite anime & manga” LOL

That’s it, all the questions I have answered. But if you still have many question, just pm me. And… hmmm. nevermind. I will just keep update and update… Well then, thank you for reading.


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  1. Mika says:

    yoroshiku bwin-san! 😀

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